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Monday, February 24, 2020
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All I have done so far is only to pursue my goals that I wanted to achieve. One of the strong points that has involved in me is to constantly endeavor to search for and implement new ideas and horizons.

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What was said after Kobe's death

Lawrence Tanter had read through the plans dozens of times before he got into his car, put on John Coltrane's "A Love Supreme" and...

Super PAC spending more than $1 million backing Democratic challenger to Ernst

"All of it makes Theresa tough enough to take on Washington's corruption and deliver for Iowa," says the ad's narrator. The seven-figure TV and...

Katherine Johnson, famed NASA mathematician and inspiration for the film 'Hidden Figures,' is dead...

For almost her entire life, her seminal work in American space travel went unnoticed. Only recently has Johnson's genius received national recognition. Johnson, a...

Coronavirus fears hit markets, bringing US shares down as tech and SaaS slip

Fears over the potential impact of the coronavirus spreading in Europe, Asia and the Middle East have sent stocks plummeting in Monday’s open —...

Bernie Sanders' disastrous answer on '60 Minutes'

Cooper: Do you know how all -- how much though? I mean, do you have a price tag for -- for all of this?Sanders:...
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