British PM faces calls to resign over latest Brexit plan


Jeremy Corbyn, the opposition Labour leader, is responding to May’s statement.

He’s not impressed with her plan. “It offers no change on a customs union, no change on single market alignment,” he says. “Her ten-point plan is riddled with contradiction and wishful thinking.”

“The Prime Minister couldn’t even get the compromise deal she wanted through her own cabinet,” he adds, alluding to reports yesterday that May faced opposition over several approaches from her colleagues. “The shrunken offer that emerged satisfied no-one.”

He also comments on May’s looming exit as prime minister and her fragile government.

“This government is too weak, too divided to get this country out of the mess they created,” he says. “She had lost the authority to deliver.”

“No matter what the prime minister offers, it’s clear no compromise would survive the upcoming Tory leadership contest, Corbyn adds.

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