Daily notes: Pitcher projections and hitter ratings for Monday


It’s Patriots’ Day in Boston, hence the annual 11 a.m. contest, so be sure to set your lineups early. There was a time those attending the morning game could make the short walk to the Boston Marathon finish line in time for the winners to cross, but with longer baseball games and shorter marathon winning times, that tradition is a thing of the past. All the other contests will be under the lights.

The marquee matchup features Clayton Kershaw making his long-awaited debut against Luis Castillo who is putting up Kershaw-like numbers in the early going.

With a top-heavy, abbreviated slate, candidates to spot-start are scarce. Hitters are easier to find, especially if you like to use multiple batters from the same team for an additive effect. The rule of thumb for the Daily Notes is to highlight players from different teams, so in the effort not to repeat clubs, there are some deep-league targets. However, since everyone will have holes in their active lineups with 10 teams off, offering some way-under-the-radar options is a good thing.


Pitchers to Stream

Trevor Richards (R), rostered in 14 percent of ESPN leagues, Miami Marlins vs. Chicago Cubs: Trevor Power Rank: Richards > Cahill > Williams. Two of the three are in action on Monday, with Richards and his devastating change-up getting top billing. The Cubs have seemingly snapped their early-season malaise, sitting fifth overall in runs scored. However, they’re in the bottom third with respect to production on change-ups, Richards’ bread and butter. Plus, the game is in pitcher-friendly Marlins Park.

Trevor Cahill (R), 14 percent, Los Angeles Angels at Texas Rangers: Cahill incurs a huge park downgrade with the Angels visiting Arlington, however he draws a Rangers club that’s the third-easiest to fan thus far in 2019. Cahill’s 23 percent strikeout rate since 2017 should be plenty sufficient to take advantage.

Ervin Santana (R), 1 percent, Chicago White Sox vs. Kansas City Royals: Admittedly a leap of faith, Santana might not be up to speed after missing most of last season with a finger laceration and debuting this season just last week. That said, he faces a Royals lineup near the bottom of the league in terms of homers, which has been a crutch for Santana over the years.

Martin Perez (L), fewer than 1 percent, Minnesota Twins vs. Toronto Blue Jays: This is an intriguing start for Perez, as his velocity went up a couple of ticks in the spring, and he has maintained the increase out of the bullpen thus far. With the faster four-seamer, Perez’s strikeout rate has spiked, but so has his walk rate. If Perez can sustain the added mph and hone his control, he could be in for a nice start as the Blue Jays are the fifth-lowest offense against fastballs.


With Hector Velazquez needed Saturday, he might not be able to make the start for Boston in the Patriots’ Day game. Regardless, it lines up as a bullpen game for Boston, likely of the old-fashioned variety with no one working more than an inning or two.

Projected Game Scores

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