Former Miss Universe contestant: Trump 'was never disrespectful' to me


Story highlights

  • Camilla Hansson said she would be upset if she was called names
  • She said her interactions with Donald Trump had only been positive

“He was never disrespectful at any point, certainly not to me or any of the girls,” she told CNN’s Kate Bolduan and John Berman on Wednesday.

But Hansson said if she had been treated as 1996 winner Alicia Machado says she was — called “Miss Piggy” and “Miss Housekeeping” by Trump — she would be upset.

Contestants are expected to make use of personal trainers, nutritionists and everyone else available to help them maintain a “healthy” lifestyle, Hansson said.

“Being in ‘Miss Universe,’ we know what the role entails,” she said. “We need to stay healthy and that’s, kind of, part of the contract.”

Hansson also said she owes a lot to the “Miss Universe” pageant, and Machado does too.

“A platform like ‘Miss Universe,’ which I guess ultimately Donald gave her, is a massive thing and you can do a huge amount of good with it,” Hansson said. “I guess in a way she is who she is because of that platform, and so am I.”

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