May faces MPs over embattled Brexit deal


Theresa May unveils her next Brexit plan on Tuesday.

Theresa May unveils her next Brexit plan on Tuesday.


May used a speech in London to outline what she claimed was a “new Brexit deal,” which in reality looked a lot like her old Brexit deal with some added sweeteners designed to attract the support of dubious Members of Parliament.

“If MPs vote against … this bill, they are voting to stop Brexit,” May said.

In an attempt to repackage the plan, which has already been rejected three times by the House of Commons, May rolled it up into a wider set of legislation dealing with Britain’s departure from the European Union. As well as the offer of a second referendum, it also contains pledges on workers’ rights, environmental provisions, as well as a temporary customs relationship with the European Union.

Failure to agree the deal would lead to a “nightmare future of permanently polarized politics,” she said.

But the central provisions of the deal remain the same, and May had barely finished speaking before her plan ran into significant opposition. “The Prime Minister’s proposals are worse than before and would leave us bound deeply into the EU,” said Jacob Rees-Mogg, a Conservative MP and leader of a pro-Brexit bloc in the Prime Minister’s party.

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