Player rankings for Group B at the League of Legends World Championship


BERLIN — Group B on paper was primed to be a chaotic group, and guess what? It was chaos, and then some. J Team of the now-defunct LMS upset China’s champion FunPlus Phoenix to get the group rolling on the first day, and from there the four teams didn’t look back. There were clutch moments and a whole lot of throws, but in the end it was Europe’s hometown heroes Splyce getting out of the group with FPX. While FPX and Splyce both finished 4-2, it was FPX that will head to Madrid, Spain as the top team from the group, beating the LEC representative in a tiebreaker game to bring at least a bit of status quo back to a group that never settled until the final moments.

Here are my ratings for the players in Group B (1-10; 10 = best).

GAM Esports

Phạm “Zeros” Minh Lộc, 3: Another international tournament, another less-than-stellar performance by Vietnam’s star top laner. He entered last year as one of his region’s most talked-about players and failed to steal the show, and it was the same thing in 2019 with a few short glimpses of impressive being overtaken by over aggression and a lack of map awareness. Maybe next year will be Zeros’ year.

Đỗ “Levi” Duy Khánh, 4: The most famous Vietnamese player worldwide, the man nicknamed “Captain Levi” had an up-and-down 2019 tournament. For every highlight reel Lee Sin kick, there was a Nocturne ultimate flying at the opponent’s tank and leading his team to their own doom.

Trần “Kiaya” Duy Sang, 4: Probably GAM’s most impressive player overall at worlds, the 18-year-old international rookie’s Kled was the centerpiece of his team’s only win in the tournament. He wasn’t spectacular and was green in many of GAM’s games, but it’s a worlds debut that he can build from going into 2020.

Nguyễn “Zin” Tuấn Thọ, 2: Zin had three games at worlds where he didn’t record a single kill and another where he only picked one. You probably want something a little bit better from your starting AD carry.

Nguyễn “Slay” Ngọc Hùng, 3: I give Slay credit for pulling out the Volibear and attempting to win with the thunder-infused polar bear. That’s all I can really give him, though (outside of a few decent Nautilus performances).

J Team

Hsu “Rest” Shih-Chieh, 5: Rest was boom or bust at the world championship. When he was good, he was dominant. When he was bad, he was really bad, especially on one of the worst Kled games I’ve ever seen.

Chen “Hana” Chih-Hao, 2: J Team will have to wonder if they could have advanced from such an open group with a better starting jungler. Hana was the weak link for J Team at the tournament and was outmuscled by every single jungler in Group B without much resistance.

Chu “FoFo” Chun-Lan, 7: FoFo is the best player remaining in the LMS region, and if he doesn’t move to China over the offseason, he’ll continue being the ace of the newly christened Pacific league that is being formed between the LMS and Southeast regions. I do expect a lot of teams from China’s domestic league to be knocking at FoFo’s door looking for his services. He’s that good.

Chen “Lilv” Chin-Han, 5: Along with FoFo, Lilv was the best player for J Team at worlds. After toiling in the underbelly of the LMS for years, he had an above-average performance when he got his chance to perform on the international stage.

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