Russ – Do It Myself


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    1. You can quit right now boi I'm not gonna care wouldn't be a bigger deal than my strand of blue hair number one in the world I'm number one and your two pretty obvious no one comes to this channel for you YouTube you do know that these subs are for me cause you nasty check your face in that pic where you sneezed next but not lastly wanna get into this that last week your chick kissed me and she knew it was e ugh wait you don't have a girl anymore sorry looking at your follows somethin mustve gone wrong there how you gettin all these likes with yo jimmy neutron hair something hanging from your ear boi is that a tampon I can't get dissed by a kid who stole his earring from his grandma

      like if you know what I'm talking about

    2. Russ you're a great lyricist! your songs speak of manifestation and becoming greater. Always push towards your dreams no matter who or what tires to get in the way. I can listen to your #swaggy tracks all-day. somethings gotta keep me going. -thanks for being yourself